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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Moët & Chandon Vending Machines

Ever go shopping and think, "Man, I wish I had a Swarovski-bejeweled mini bottle of champagne right now"? Well, Selfridges is answering the call with a Moët & Chandon vending machine. You can now enjoy your holiday shopping just a wee bit more at $30 a pop.

Zack has that Justin Bieber, please believe it.

Successfully Lost Decoded: Road Trip.

DC. Maybe it was all the black folks or maybe it was just the fried chicken, but something felt strangely like Atlanta...Not quite Atlanta, Atlanta but, like a version of Atlanta with just a bit more hustle and bustle. I remember feeling like an outsider when I first got to Howard. This is where the spirit of "Successfully Lost" was born. I remember thinking, "Damn, these kids actually wanna grow up to be lawyers?" Wait, how did MY RAPPING A** get here? Like, did I actually volunteer for this sh*t? Did I seriously think law school would be a good way to pass the time? WTF, Gilles? Ahhh, I remember now: can't just tell mom and pops, "Hey thanks for all that Emory money but, I think I'm gonna not get a job and be a rapper." Nah, bruh. You gon' need a plan. Welp, I guess if I become a lawyer, at least I can finance this rap sh*t, right? Now, let's get back to these dreams for a sec. I started writing "Road Trip" as sort of an audio year book to capture some of my memories at HUSL (#HowardUniversitySchoolofLaw4youlames) In my reflective state, it would appear I had a lot on my chest. Here go the Cliff Notes, though:

"We watched them hoes hit the pole (poll) like a survey." => y'all remember when we went to that BYOB strip club in Maryland? Yeah, the one that doubled as a car repair shop...A memorable experience, nonetheless, lol. cc: @trusparta @williamtjolley @born_success

"I'm a socialite, me and my roomie everywhere, yeah, sho' ya right." => Whew. When I say every function, I mean EVERY FUNCTION, lol. Mondays at Fly, Tuesdays at Policy, Wednesdays at Josephine, Thursdays at Park, Dental school house parties, Med school date auctions...we might've even showed up at some School of Divinity Bible studies. We were just some social brothers. cc: @borntroublesome

"I never wanted to be a lawyer. Ma, I don't mean to worry ya...And dad, I'm sorry for ya, your son is still a warrior, just not salutatorian..." => Yep.

"I spent 7 years of school to get my focus right." => It cost me TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS just to figure out who I wanted to be in life. My thoughts? Even with all this college debt, still f*ckin' worth it.

Listen to "Road Trip" @
#writingSuccessfullyLost #tbt

Successfully Lost Decoded: Almost There.

Anxiety. Being "in motion" can make the surest people unsure. Reflecting on where I came from and what I've seen on the road to where I'm going had my head spinning. So many words...Just thinking about who we've lost and why, what we've gained and how we've changed was a bit much. Yet and still the finish line was ever so close. Lord, just let me endure:

"This can't be life, got a couple girls wrapped around the pinkie twice...and it's sad 'cause they can't be wife." ===> This used to be a stat for me, an asset, even. I used to play on her (their) love for me...I would leverage those feelings to get what I want when I wanted it. But, at the end of the day, being manipulative is and will always be some wack sh*t. Not too proud of who I was then.

"And when the rest was fronting, I lived next to where the trap was bunkin'." ===> I remember this clear as day. We thought we were moving on up in the world. My mom bought that townhouse @ 2590 Picardy Cir. N in College Park, right off Burdett Rd. and you couldn't tell us anything. We had a lawn! Thennnnn, we had neighbors. It happened so fast. Newlyweds from South Carolina moved in...6 months later, the (very) pregnant wife was moving out. The husband stayed behind because he developed a new source of income. I suspect this new source was also the reason for his wife's departure...our's too.

"Weekend past heard, "the world lost a great man." Every time I wake up, I'm at another wake, damn." => Seemed like all at once, people were dying. Life was catching up with some and maybe getting ahead of others. R.I.P. to those family friends, colleagues, aunts, uncles...hell, even the celebrities. They say death is a part of life but, no matter how much we prepare we're never truly ready to say goodbye. Sorry for the bummer y'all. Just some real sh*t.

Listen to "Almost There" @
#writingSuccessfullyLost #tbt

Successfully Lost Decoded: Thank God.

So, here I am thinking "Successfully Lost" was a wrap, thinking I had every song for my debut project. Then, @713street decides to send me something he was working on in the middle of my work day, COMPLETELY f*ckin' my whole sh*t up. The hook was so infectious...I just got a feeling, an irresistible urge even. The rapper was speaking a lil' bit louder than the lawyer. Luckily, my boss,@chelleesq didn't notice I took a little rap break but I had to get these verses out. It was so me. So unequivocally and authentically me. Thank God:

"Thank God I'm me." => My gifts, my struggles, my faith: I wouldn't trade my experience for the world, not because it is better than any other but, because it is mine. I can't help but feel we were all built for something and every now and then, when I'm lucky enough to notice, I get a glimpse further into my purpose.

"I don't know why I can't give her what she want but I love saying no to dames (Notre Dame(s)) like a hunch back." => Sometimes, it's fun to be difficult, lol.

"We just look a lil' different than y'all." => Well, clearly you follow me on IG so I'll just go out on a limb and say it's pretty easy for you to see that I look more "rapper" than most lawyers you know whilst somehow still looking more "lawyer" than most rappers you know. Crazy thing about it is my potnas are stand out guys too. We ain't everybody.

Listen to "Thank God" @
#writingSuccessfullyLost #tbt

Successfully Lost Decoded: Alone Tonight.

Apparently, you can't just write a song called "Catfish Pimpin'" and expect that women will somehow see your romantic side, lol. The mission was clear: I wanted to speak to women, being intimate in a way without being overtly sexual. I wanted to tap into those moments, when it's just you and her, even in a room full of people. "Alone Tonight" was born from those nights when you say everything right, when you do everything right, when she wears that perfect dress and your cologne smells a bit sweeter to her. That's where the magic happens. And, if I do say so myself, this explanation is rather appropriate given the current time of year. I believe you kids call it, "Cuffin' Season." Enjoy:

"All lace looking extra dope. Black dress, apropos." => The simplicity of a little black dress can win every time.

"Forgive me if I lack direction, baby ain't my fault, I'm just lost in your pretty brown eyes and you can't blame me for looking." => Yep. Your bad...'cause you're bad.

"Statuesque when you're at your best but, I'm monumental I can't ask for less...and you got that you match my wits, a lil' junk in the trunk yeah, you match my whip." => 1. Here I go again, liking tall girls (in heels too). But, what do you expect? Gotta get these kids to the league, lol. 2. Brains MUST match the beauty. I need her to be funny, endearing, cultured and all that other sh*t too. Oh yeah, and with, "nice" errrr...well, uhhh "backfield."

Listen to "Alone Tonight" @
#writingSuccessfullyLost #tbt

Successfully Lost Decoded: Catfish Pimpin' (Extendo)

Disappointment. I don't know when this feeling began to consume my lovelife but, there it went...Sure, remaining "active" was never a problem but, what about a conversation? That's where her shortcomings persisted. Was it too much for her to read HuffPost, love a couple Spike Lee joints AND have a favorite "A Tribe Called Quest" album??? Yet and still I continued. The younger me had to keep busy. Sometimes the older me does too. Feel me, though:

"But I don't take her out she don't impress me in the least." => Time and money are both finite resources. I'm vigilant with how I spend my sh*t.

"A box of condoms is lots of problems, 'cause each one ask why you got so many and who is that you use 'em on?" => My desire to stay protected at all times has placed me in more than a few uncomfortable conversations.

"Settling I never been." => I have no problem searching for Ms. Right. In the immortal words of local street philosopher and poet, Future, "I'm looking for her."

Listen to "Catfish Pimpin' (Extendo)" @
#writingSuccessfullyLost #tbt

Successfully Lost Decoded: Young & Restless

In many ways law school was an ending and a new beginning for me. I used to be in a rap group with my best friend, Justin. But then when I shipped out to DC, we both had to do our own things. Unfortunately, mine involved more school and less rap. However, I did get to write sparingly. The first thing I wrote from my "cell" @ the luxurious Howard Towers (East Tower, to be exact) turned out to be the beginnings of "Young & Restless." I set out, like any rapper truly about this rap sh*t, to prove that I could rap. Lemme explain myself: "

I'm solo, no Han" => Well, the obvious: as an artist. But also, I can be quite the individual sometimes.

"Blazers galore and my taste is mature" => My transition from "The Source" to "Forbes" happened nearly overnight...I like the new space, though.

"She ain't tall enough to make a player fall in love" => Yeah, I like tall chicks.

Listen to "Young & Restless" @
#writingSuccessfullyLost #tbt

Monday, November 11, 2013

Kendrick's Quarterly.

Compton's finest was named RAPPER OF THE YEAR. Dope! Well deserved.

Kumbaya and Sh*t

John Lennon's "Imagine" as an illustration. Comic by Pablo Stanley.

The 29 Whitest Family Photos of All Time.

This sh*t is epic.

You don't understand...this is just 7 of 29. TWENTY-NINE!!! Please do yourself a favor and check out the complete list here.

Smooth Criminals.

Dear Police, 

Don't pull me over unless that patty wagon doubles as a time machine.  If you're gonna arrest me, you better take my a** back to the 20s. Let me be great.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

If Frank Miller wrote graphic novels for strippers...

And then those graphic novels turned into music videos...they would probably look something like this...


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Frank's previous work, he's the brain and pen behind sh*t like "Sin City," "The Spirit" and "300" to name a few.

That is EXACTLY how we ball out, lol.

Successfully Lost: Decoded.

So, mgmt was talking to me about reading Decoded and how it places things in a proper perspective as far as interpreting Jay-Z lyrics.  My initial thoughts were, "I'm a rapper, of course I understand what he meant."  But then, I got to thinking...I wonder how much stuff folks understand about my own lyrics?  Like, I know what I mean but, it's kinda my job to make sure that you do too.  To borrow a line from young Shawn Corey, "Lord help me, all I wanted to be was wealthy or, somebody to tell me that they felt me."  How could I be sure??? Wellllll, I came up with a simple solution:  Tell you.

Here's week one. I'm gonna do this every week.  Maybe it'll be like a #TBT thing.


Here's the thing:  I really rap. Like, for real.  In my opinion, the absolute first thing a rapper must do when capturing an audience is to establish the fact that he/she really raps.  Here, in my introduction to the world, I wanted to express my ambition, a lil' bit about my personal style and interest in fashion, my propensity to do my own thing, and probably most of all, even more than these other things, the SUCCESS part of "Successfully Lost."  These 16 bars kinda set the table for what to expect from me.

"Made my own lane, why no, not Kiffin." =>  Play by your own rules.  If you wanna be a rapper, be a rapper...even if you're a lawyer.

"Over the years I made friends but, it's really sad to say that most of them were the fake ones." => You come across some characters throughout life.  Some will disappoint you.

"Scared money don't make none, dont be senseless (cents-less)" =>  Invest in yourself.  It is the only sensible thing to do.

"My eye is on that money so my grind is getting ugly, so much now that Quailman try jocking my dougie.  You ha-ha but, nah, I'm not tryna be funny but I smile 'cause somehow I know you probably gon' love me." => You will see me working hard.  It's because I believe I can win you over.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm Back AND This is DOPE.

Sooooo, I got a couple shows coming up.  1.) I'm doing A3C this year. (10.5.13, Star Bar 5p) SOMEBODY *shade* misspelled my name but whatever, that ain't what we here for right now.  Just peep:

FYI, my name ain't "Gillies" smh.

2.) I'm doing "Petty Thoughts," an art exhibit by this dope a** visual artist named Jermaine Clark.  (10.12.13 Doo Gallery 8p) Peep:

Anyway, I leave a rehearsal preparing for my shows and what do I see? This dope sh*t! I love seeing hard work. I just understand it.

Would You Like A Tour from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Road Trip.

My new video.
"Road Trip"
Dir. Awful Media

Monday, April 1, 2013

Prop 8: Rap Edition

So, my long-time potnadem, Tiff McFavour Williams, sent me a link over the weekend. Apparently, there is a tumblr devoted entirely to unintentional gay rap lyrics. When I tell you the contents therein are HYSTERICAL...shawwwty.  Whew.  I offer you 2 quotes and this photograph:

1. MEEK MILL: “They call me ‘Mr. Fuck-a-Nigga’, I don’t need a Hoe” via YMCMB MMG

2. CRAIG MACK: “I got emcees melting in my mouth & not inside my hand” via Making Moves with Puff

3.  O_O

EPIC sh*t talk: Bankhead Edition

"Top 10 muhf*ckas who ain't never been robbed, how 'bout that? Let's do that list." - T.I., expressing his views on MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game" list.

Monday, March 25, 2013

$91,500 t-shirt, anyone?

Where can you find New York City's most expensive t-shirt?  Obvi at the Hermés store on Madison Avenue. For only $91,500 you, too, can purchase this fabulously luxurious crocodile shirt. Thanks to The Awl for showing me how peasant-y I really am.
"Forgive me for not having pictures of the t-shirt itself; photographs are forbidden at the Hermès store, most probably as an anti-knockoff policy, or possibly to keep secret the fact that there are t-shirts that cost MORE THAN THREE OR FOUR ACTUALLY QUITE DECENT CARS.

Also we should point out that the sales tax alone would be around $8000. (I mean, obviously you would get it shipped out-of-state to not pay that tax, but still!)"
A shot of the t-shirt from the Hermés mens spring runway:


Monday, March 18, 2013

From a Young G's Perspective.

We don't get to see enough educated perspectives on sh*t. This is dope.

I'm calling it now. That's me, Justin, Sav and Donte in 50.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bow Down, b*tches

When Queen Bey tells you to bow down, you just automatically do it without a thought. Obviously. It's BEYONCE'!!!  She went all the way in on this one. Get your first listen below:


Thursday, March 14, 2013

#Dead...or, should I say, #UNDEAD

Geico x Count Dracula = FUNNY LIKE SH*T

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Art of the Musical Comeback: Timberlake Edition

JT has the formula for being back like he never left.  Alls you gotta do is follow these 7 steps. Sheesh.

1.  Put out music.

2.  Have Jay-Z feature on your first single.

3.  Then, have him perform his verse EVERY TIME you perform the song...EVERY TIME.

4.  Then, announce you're going on a stadium tour with him this summer.

5.  Host Saturday Night Live.

6.  Then, have all the legendary hosts from years past appear in your opening skit.

7.  Be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for an entire week straight.

The Power of Words.

Gotta be careful how you say sh*t. This was SUPPOSED to be about basketball, lol

Spotted in my FB News Feed thanks to young Will Myers.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soooooo Nelly, explain this sh*t.

Nelly 2013

Nelly 2003

I understand that a lot can change in 10 years but, no.

FUN FACT: The ONE consistency over the years is Nelly's unabashed willingness to wear doo rags in public. O_O

Sleep No Mo'. R.E.M.

Fried Kritlin' drops quite possibly his dopest visual to date. Solid.

Timberlake keeps it G

Welllllll, not "G" but, he definitely handled the Kanye question in a legit manner, lol.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oprah's Tig Ol Bitties.

Terrence Howard for president.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Politics all the way Tooned Up.

BuzzFeed did this funny a** list about politicians and their cartoon dopplegangers.  See the entire list here.

Hillary Clinton as Mother Rabbit.

Nancy Pelosi as Lady.

Denis McDonough as Shenzi.

Paul Ryan as Copper.

Corey Booker as Rajah.

Chris Christie as Baloo.

John McCain as Mr. Busy.

John Boehner as Kaa.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Channing all over your Tatum.

Lolololol, #classicTV

Magic Mike x Django x Jimmy Kimmel.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Charlie Brown Gets Trill

"Deez Nuts" is a new body of work by Australian-born, Tokyo-based artist Mark Drew. Charles M. Schulz’s "Peanuts" got hit w/ a '90s hip-hop twist. This sh*t is dooooooooooope, lol.

Shout out to young VaLiesha Brown (via Kemba Hendrix). Good to know I'm not the only lawyer w/ a sense of humor.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zero. Dark. Fifty.

The real hunt for Osama, lol.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Honor Roll x Black History Month!

My potna'dem/marketing guru, Young Chris Duncan, also owns a streetwear brand ===> Honor Roll Clothing Group. This is the dope sh*t they have for you this February. *black power fist*

I'ma be here...and I'ma cop that.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand peep this dope sh*t! Learn something!

HRCG Black History Month Viral from Honor Roll Clothing Group on Vimeo.

Fly sh*t, Tie sh*t.

Vulpin. Brush. Need that. But can't have it 'cause it's sold out. Allllllll'uh'emmmm, smh.

That's that sh*t I DO like.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barbados' FINEst.

Geez. Us. I'll take 3...V magazines I mean.

Bowtie Pimpin' (revisited)

These sh*ts are fresh as f*ck. Bowtie bracelets. I need these in my life. Getcho's rightchea.