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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Successfully Lost Decoded: Road Trip.

DC. Maybe it was all the black folks or maybe it was just the fried chicken, but something felt strangely like Atlanta...Not quite Atlanta, Atlanta but, like a version of Atlanta with just a bit more hustle and bustle. I remember feeling like an outsider when I first got to Howard. This is where the spirit of "Successfully Lost" was born. I remember thinking, "Damn, these kids actually wanna grow up to be lawyers?" Wait, how did MY RAPPING A** get here? Like, did I actually volunteer for this sh*t? Did I seriously think law school would be a good way to pass the time? WTF, Gilles? Ahhh, I remember now: can't just tell mom and pops, "Hey thanks for all that Emory money but, I think I'm gonna not get a job and be a rapper." Nah, bruh. You gon' need a plan. Welp, I guess if I become a lawyer, at least I can finance this rap sh*t, right? Now, let's get back to these dreams for a sec. I started writing "Road Trip" as sort of an audio year book to capture some of my memories at HUSL (#HowardUniversitySchoolofLaw4youlames) In my reflective state, it would appear I had a lot on my chest. Here go the Cliff Notes, though:

"We watched them hoes hit the pole (poll) like a survey." => y'all remember when we went to that BYOB strip club in Maryland? Yeah, the one that doubled as a car repair shop...A memorable experience, nonetheless, lol. cc: @trusparta @williamtjolley @born_success

"I'm a socialite, me and my roomie everywhere, yeah, sho' ya right." => Whew. When I say every function, I mean EVERY FUNCTION, lol. Mondays at Fly, Tuesdays at Policy, Wednesdays at Josephine, Thursdays at Park, Dental school house parties, Med school date auctions...we might've even showed up at some School of Divinity Bible studies. We were just some social brothers. cc: @borntroublesome

"I never wanted to be a lawyer. Ma, I don't mean to worry ya...And dad, I'm sorry for ya, your son is still a warrior, just not salutatorian..." => Yep.

"I spent 7 years of school to get my focus right." => It cost me TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS just to figure out who I wanted to be in life. My thoughts? Even with all this college debt, still f*ckin' worth it.

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