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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Successfully Lost Decoded: Young & Restless

In many ways law school was an ending and a new beginning for me. I used to be in a rap group with my best friend, Justin. But then when I shipped out to DC, we both had to do our own things. Unfortunately, mine involved more school and less rap. However, I did get to write sparingly. The first thing I wrote from my "cell" @ the luxurious Howard Towers (East Tower, to be exact) turned out to be the beginnings of "Young & Restless." I set out, like any rapper truly about this rap sh*t, to prove that I could rap. Lemme explain myself: "

I'm solo, no Han" => Well, the obvious: as an artist. But also, I can be quite the individual sometimes.

"Blazers galore and my taste is mature" => My transition from "The Source" to "Forbes" happened nearly overnight...I like the new space, though.

"She ain't tall enough to make a player fall in love" => Yeah, I like tall chicks.

Listen to "Young & Restless" @
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