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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Successfully Lost Decoded: Alone Tonight.

Apparently, you can't just write a song called "Catfish Pimpin'" and expect that women will somehow see your romantic side, lol. The mission was clear: I wanted to speak to women, being intimate in a way without being overtly sexual. I wanted to tap into those moments, when it's just you and her, even in a room full of people. "Alone Tonight" was born from those nights when you say everything right, when you do everything right, when she wears that perfect dress and your cologne smells a bit sweeter to her. That's where the magic happens. And, if I do say so myself, this explanation is rather appropriate given the current time of year. I believe you kids call it, "Cuffin' Season." Enjoy:

"All lace looking extra dope. Black dress, apropos." => The simplicity of a little black dress can win every time.

"Forgive me if I lack direction, baby ain't my fault, I'm just lost in your pretty brown eyes and you can't blame me for looking." => Yep. Your bad...'cause you're bad.

"Statuesque when you're at your best but, I'm monumental I can't ask for less...and you got that you match my wits, a lil' junk in the trunk yeah, you match my whip." => 1. Here I go again, liking tall girls (in heels too). But, what do you expect? Gotta get these kids to the league, lol. 2. Brains MUST match the beauty. I need her to be funny, endearing, cultured and all that other sh*t too. Oh yeah, and with, "nice" errrr...well, uhhh "backfield."

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