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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Successfully Lost Decoded: Catfish Pimpin' (Extendo)

Disappointment. I don't know when this feeling began to consume my lovelife but, there it went...Sure, remaining "active" was never a problem but, what about a conversation? That's where her shortcomings persisted. Was it too much for her to read HuffPost, love a couple Spike Lee joints AND have a favorite "A Tribe Called Quest" album??? Yet and still I continued. The younger me had to keep busy. Sometimes the older me does too. Feel me, though:

"But I don't take her out she don't impress me in the least." => Time and money are both finite resources. I'm vigilant with how I spend my sh*t.

"A box of condoms is lots of problems, 'cause each one ask why you got so many and who is that you use 'em on?" => My desire to stay protected at all times has placed me in more than a few uncomfortable conversations.

"Settling I never been." => I have no problem searching for Ms. Right. In the immortal words of local street philosopher and poet, Future, "I'm looking for her."

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