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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I went to middle school with this guy. Word on the curb is he's got a project coming out. "Lady Heroin" hits the streets like crack in the 80's on June 6, 2011. Come to think of it, that's my pops' burfday. But, I digress...Dope vid.

The evolution of Ying Yang.


*Notice the Malcolm Little conk*

Moderate Success:

Closest they'll ever get to being Republican:

Jay-Z's 10 Business Commandments

Jay-Z has proven himself a paramount figure in not only the music industry, but also in the business world. In addition to every Jay-Z album having gone platinum, Mr. Shawn Carter also has endorsement deals, stakes in sports teams, night clubs, and a record company just to name a few. You don't amass a net worth of over $450 million without having a plan. Below is a list of Jay-Z's 10 Business Commandments.

1. Focus on the most realistic chance to make the most money at all times

Jay-Z has amassed a fortune of $450 million by living this philosophy, from dealing drugs as an adolescent to selling records, clothes, liquor and more as an adult.

2. Attach yourself to other successful brands

One of Jay-Z's best-known boasts is that he "made the Yankee cap more famous than a Yankee can." Whether or not you agree with that statement, Jay-Z has certainly added to his victorious aura by associating himself with the Yankees, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett and others.

3. Keep business and pleasure separate
Jay-Z rarely speaks about his wife Beyonce, and it seems to have done wonders--many years into their relationship, they're far from being tabloid regulars like other celebrity couples. But that doesn't mean there's not a lot to say.4. Don’t give free advertising to other bands unless there’s a good reason
In the late 1990s Jay-Z mentioned Iceberg clothing in a few of his songs and sales spiked. When he tried to parlay that into an endorsement deal, the company declined--so Jay-Z started his own, and called it Rocawear. Since then, he's been paid to endorse GM, Hewlett-Packard, Budweiser and others, and the only free advertising via references in his songs is for brands like Maybach.5. Never publicize anything less than a victory
Jay-Z doesn't talk much about his deals that fell apart or his products that flopped--his Armadale vodka and the Las Vegas location of his 40/40 Club. As a result, he's able to maintain a victorious image.6. Don’t split profits with others if you can avoid it
Jay-Z famously parted ways with former business partners Damon Dash in 2004--partially because of different management styles, partially because his name sold products, not Dash's.7. Cross promote your products at all times
Jay-Z never misses a chance to use one item's buzz to promote another. He's used his songs to advertise his Rocawear clothing line, S. Carter sneakers and 40/40 night club--and some products you might not even know he owns.8. Attack any threat to your business, but don’t take it too far
Jay-Z has always been aggressive in protecting his business interests, and sometimes to a fault. In 1999 he was arrested for allegedly stabbing record producer Lance Rivera for bootlegging his album.9. Ask a lot of questions, never stop learning
One of the things reiterated by most people who've worked with Jay-Z--be they lawyers, record label executives or other musicians--is that they can't help but notice his thirst for knowledge. He constantly absorbs information from people, books and situations, adding to his base like a hermit crab.10. Don’t get stuck in conventional ways of thinking
Rather than extend his record deal with Def Jam and parent company Universal (CEO Doug Morris pictured below), in 2008 Jay-Z inked a 10-year, $150 million deal with Live Nation that encompassed touring, recording, and a bevy of other businesses. The agreement was as ambitious as it was unorthodox.
[via Forbes]

Exotic Girl - C.T.

Who needs an excuse to post hot chicks? Not this guy ===> :*D #gillesface

I commissioned the super-talented producer/rapper/singer, C.T. to assist me in the making of my first classic, "Successfully Lost," slated to drop later this summer. We've been outchea writing and rapping up a storm...the bi-product so far, PURE GENIUS. Pardon my modesty. At any rate, it's only right that the young man gets some pub for his OWN work here @ BE EXCITED. His "Classic Future" drops sooner than later.

Follow him HERE. The last time C.T. was on this blog, it was under a post aptly entitled, "WOW"

And while we're on the subject of exotic girls...Here's some chick named Jeniffer Le...Julie the NGUYENer follows her tumblr and maybe you should too. I haven't checked it out yet, but, she is purdy hot.

HERE'S her tumblr.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Al Sharpton vs. Cornel West (Clash of the Black Agenda)

Al Sharpton vs. Cornel West (Clash of the Black Agenda)

In the course of Black Life there have been epic beefs:


Vs Nas


vs Tupac

El- Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X)

vs Martin Luther King Jr.


Nicki Minaj

vs Lil’ Kim

NYC Breakerz vs Rock Steady Crew


West vs Sharpton?

No not the Kanye West, although it would be interesting to have Sharpton’s and Yeezy’s egos go at it blow for blow. The feud I’m referring to is none other than Cornel West vs Al Sharpton. The two got into it the other day on a show, moderated ironically by a white man, called the “Black Agenda.” Brother Al and Prof. West were on the show to talk about the economic situation of black folk and inevitably the conversation turned to the President and his role or lack thereof in the uplift of people that share his skin color. The arguments on both sides are pretty solid with Sharpton playing Obama’s defense attorney and West playing lead prosecutor in the court of “WTF have you been doing to take care of your own” court. Lets go to the tale of the tape: (pardon my formatting but, it's well worth whatever style-points are deducted...)

Rev. Al “Be sure to protect my Pres.” Sharpton

Prof. Cornel “Imma let you finish Sharpton, but Obama ain't nothin but a B-ish” West


Fried, dyed with grey on the side

I let my soul blow from my Afro...

Style icon

James Brown

Albert Einstein/Huey Newton/ Karl Lagerfield

Public Speaking

Old school tried and true Reverential speechifying

Mix between performance poetry and Academic lecture

Published Works

2 and a possible

19 books and 2 albums

Political Aspirations

NY State Senate, US Senate, NYC Mayor, US Presidential campaign

I'd rather critique them than be 'em .


Da Street! Ordained minster by age 9. Went to college for a hot minute. Managed James Brown. Worked with Jesse Jackson in Dr. King's Operation Breadbasket.

BA Harvard, MA & PhD Princeton

Good Point in Debate

Obama can’t do this shit by himself

Obama should be held accountable by black folks especially given the shit his opponents are throwing his way. Gotta keep ‘em honest!

Memorable Quotes

“George Bush giving tax cuts is like Jim Jones giving Kool-Aid. It tastes good but it’ll kill you.”

What does it really mean to be human?
What does it really mean to be featherless two-legged linguistically conscious creatures
Born between urine and feces
Whose bodies will soon be the culinary delight of terrestrial worms, my brother?

Claim to fame

Can put together a race rally faster than Busy Bone can spit a verse

Can speak on almost any damn topic

Stance on Obama

Obama is my homeboy

I’m weary of any politician

Personally, I don't think Sharpton wants it with West in a straight out academic debate, but on cable TV? Anything goes, even your foes.

jungle fever

just found this dope artist/photographer craig tracy who specializes in fine art body painting. welcome to the jungle.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Slow Jams For Jesus.

Yeah, THAT just happened.

Shoutout to CJ for posting this on his FB status...#suuuuuuuuuuuuperDEAD

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bruhs.

CREATIVITY. Thought the bruhs didn't do that??? OBSERVE:

Kamar (Fall 2004, Nu Delta, Columbus State University): Creative force behind Oema Takorr. Lifestyle connoisseur.

Find his clothes HERE.

Z-Hundred (Fall 2006, Zeta Delta Delta, Georgia Southern University): R&B extraordinaire. Moistener of thine panties.

Listen to his newest release: "Dive Under" (mixed by Keith Dawson)

Find his music HERE.

Keith Dawson (Spring 2007, Zeta Theta, Georgia State University): Man behind the boards. Maker of Magic.

B. Wiggins (Spring 2000, Zeta Theta, Georgia State University): The reason your pictures are worth a thousand words. Master of photography.

Book him HERE.

Dee Goodz (Spring 2007, Nu Epsilon, Alabama A&M University): Destroyer of Beats. Slayer of Freaks.

See him EVERYWHERE. Follow him HERE.

Cendino (Spring 2003, Chi Theta, Florida State University): Visual Mastermind. Creative Genius.

Become inspired HERE.

Gilles (Spring 2007, Pi Delta Delta, Emory University): Rapper of all things awesome. Posterchild for modesty.

Listen to my music NOW.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Prepare yo' self. The weather's nice.


Buy 'em HERE.


Buy em' HERE.

Ear Candy:
(streaming below)

Soundtrack for the sunset.


Follow him HERE. Check out "Songs for Women" while you're at it.

Eye Candy:
Fine a** Ri-Ri.

My Bajan Queen.


"Royal Caribbean, passport pimpin' all across the Meridian."

AFRO america

"afro picks
afro chicks
i let my soul blow
from my afro dick
grab it out the hat
pulling afro tricks
afro america
afro thick"
- ludacris, "southern hospitality"

an ode to some of america's most prominent afros:

My friend kelli went to high school w/ bruno mars. this is his senior pic. awesome.

covelli loyce "coco" crisp, center fielder for the oakland a's
erykah badu
bob ross, the dude that paints on tv