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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exotic Girl - C.T.

Who needs an excuse to post hot chicks? Not this guy ===> :*D #gillesface

I commissioned the super-talented producer/rapper/singer, C.T. to assist me in the making of my first classic, "Successfully Lost," slated to drop later this summer. We've been outchea writing and rapping up a storm...the bi-product so far, PURE GENIUS. Pardon my modesty. At any rate, it's only right that the young man gets some pub for his OWN work here @ BE EXCITED. His "Classic Future" drops sooner than later.

Follow him HERE. The last time C.T. was on this blog, it was under a post aptly entitled, "WOW"

And while we're on the subject of exotic girls...Here's some chick named Jeniffer Le...Julie the NGUYENer follows her tumblr and maybe you should too. I haven't checked it out yet, but, she is purdy hot.

HERE'S her tumblr.

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