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Sunday, April 3, 2011

7 Things I don't trust.

1. Black dudes with perms.

Al Sharpton

Wendell Williams

Yeah, that was a low blow...but, "F*ck Wendy Williams, that b*tch look like a dude. Her body look chewed and her hair look glued." - Wayne

2. A big butt and a smile.

NEVER trust a big butt and a smile...ever.

FUN FACT: I just googled "Beyonce butt."

3. White people with boats.

Not falling for that one again.


Yep, still not quite over that.

The Mega-Church.

Hey, that WHOLE thing is between them and God...I'm just saying though...o_0 FYI: I AM a Christian.

Waitresses that don't write sh*t down.

Hey, THIS JUST IN::: I'm not impressed...and, if my sammich got a muhf*ckin' tomato on it, we gon' have some problems.

Durex Condoms.

Gilles Jr.??? No thanks...