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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Successfully Lost Decoded: Almost There.

Anxiety. Being "in motion" can make the surest people unsure. Reflecting on where I came from and what I've seen on the road to where I'm going had my head spinning. So many words...Just thinking about who we've lost and why, what we've gained and how we've changed was a bit much. Yet and still the finish line was ever so close. Lord, just let me endure:

"This can't be life, got a couple girls wrapped around the pinkie twice...and it's sad 'cause they can't be wife." ===> This used to be a stat for me, an asset, even. I used to play on her (their) love for me...I would leverage those feelings to get what I want when I wanted it. But, at the end of the day, being manipulative is and will always be some wack sh*t. Not too proud of who I was then.

"And when the rest was fronting, I lived next to where the trap was bunkin'." ===> I remember this clear as day. We thought we were moving on up in the world. My mom bought that townhouse @ 2590 Picardy Cir. N in College Park, right off Burdett Rd. and you couldn't tell us anything. We had a lawn! Thennnnn, we had neighbors. It happened so fast. Newlyweds from South Carolina moved in...6 months later, the (very) pregnant wife was moving out. The husband stayed behind because he developed a new source of income. I suspect this new source was also the reason for his wife's departure...our's too.

"Weekend past heard, "the world lost a great man." Every time I wake up, I'm at another wake, damn." => Seemed like all at once, people were dying. Life was catching up with some and maybe getting ahead of others. R.I.P. to those family friends, colleagues, aunts, uncles...hell, even the celebrities. They say death is a part of life but, no matter how much we prepare we're never truly ready to say goodbye. Sorry for the bummer y'all. Just some real sh*t.

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