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Monday, March 25, 2013

$91,500 t-shirt, anyone?

Where can you find New York City's most expensive t-shirt?  Obvi at the Hermés store on Madison Avenue. For only $91,500 you, too, can purchase this fabulously luxurious crocodile shirt. Thanks to The Awl for showing me how peasant-y I really am.
"Forgive me for not having pictures of the t-shirt itself; photographs are forbidden at the Hermès store, most probably as an anti-knockoff policy, or possibly to keep secret the fact that there are t-shirts that cost MORE THAN THREE OR FOUR ACTUALLY QUITE DECENT CARS.

Also we should point out that the sales tax alone would be around $8000. (I mean, obviously you would get it shipped out-of-state to not pay that tax, but still!)"
A shot of the t-shirt from the Hermés mens spring runway:


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