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Monday, May 21, 2012

Conversations with Mickey.

This lovely Monday afternoon on g-chat, Mickey begins our conversation with, and I quote, "YOU CAN'T MULTI-TASK N*GGA!!!"  At the time, I was more than, Mickey had to school me right quick.  While I consider myself an avid Future fan, his "Same Damn Time" (remix) slipped under the radar due to an...ummmm, well, we don't need to get into alllllllll that.  #movingon

"But, this level of ish talking Diddy is listen...only Mark Zuckerberg can fix this lolol" - Mickey

Future - "Same Damn Time"

I had to listen...Mickey was right.

Song highlights:  "Say you got that 550? you talking 'bout that benz, n*gga. Say I got that 550? I'm talking 'bout them M's N*GGA! " ===> Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

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