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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ok, so here's the deal...

I'm FROM Atlanta. I moved there when I was 6... BUT, I was born in BROOKLYN. I LOVE the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS, The Yankees (the WORLD CHAMPION Yankees), and the Knicks. With that being said...

NY GIANTS::: Defense wins championships. Here are our Ronnies, Ralphs, Bobbys, Michaels, and Rickys (new editions)

From free agency...
Antrel Rolle - Safety

And in the draft...
Jason Pierre-Paul - Defensive End

Linval Joseph - Defensice Tackle

Phillip Dillard - Linebacker

Other arrivals: Adrian Tracy - Linebacker
Chad Jones - Safety

NY Yankees::: We straight...Still got C.C., Jete, and A-roids.

NY Knicks::: We're out of the playoffs this year, so I'm pretty much supporting whatever will make THIS happen...

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